.it's been so long that it seems like i've never danced with anyone.

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.so, here we go.
alright, now. it's two thousand nine and it's all sorts of hopping, i guess. started the new year with a big celebration, which was awesome! my parents do still know how to have a party. anyhow, with a new year comes a new, well, year to do things. so, what am i doing? being healthy. that's right. i'm doing the same thing as everyone else in the entire world and it will be fantastic. seriously.

but, enough of that let's take a look back in time. 2008 was pretty good in itself. started the year just right. small gathering, amazing company, and a bottle of blue label. who could ask for more? well, briefly the rest of the year: Had a great time with a lovely person, went to mississippi, got fired, got wasted, went to vegas, got more wasted, saw a HUGE hole in the earth, partied all summer long, played a wicked show, saw modest mouse, finished university, went to destin, got wasted on a river, got wasted and kinda/sorta saw b.b.king and willie nelson, went to canada on vacation, got wasted at my cousins wedding, stayed in canada for a job, drove to canada with my mom, saw dredg in new york, got wasted with dredg in new york, went to florida for the holidays, got wasted in florida for the holidays, and now here we are in the present.

all in all it was a good time. i can't complain. and let's hope that 2009 is even better.


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last year was the bomb with ups and downs. typical year i guess. Yay for 2009!!!! happy new year babs

it was pretty good. happy new year to you as well!

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