.it's been so long that it seems like i've never danced with anyone.

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sometimes i really don't know what to think.

i was going to write more, but i lost it all before i started typing.

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things to think about: Christmas is near!!, Hope we can trust Fed Ex daaang, Catchin' a flizzy back to Fla soon, What will Santa be bringing??, How fast can i purchase the Carter III?, How is Bailey the coolest person I've ever met??, Am I going to be a Canadian resident for the length of time I imagined at first??, need to dl as much funktastic rap as possible...
things like that. Merry Christmas babar

those are all quite wonderful things that i should be thinking about. thank you for these suggestions. i will indeed be thinking about these on a consistent basis. well, minus the flight to florida part since i have already done that.

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