.it's been so long that it seems like i've never danced with anyone.

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.the things i do.
so, it's been a little while and i haven't really been paying much attention to this thing in recent, but why not throw a little something up here every now and then?

anyhow, i don't really know too much about what i'm writing about, just that i'm pressing some keys and saying the words in my head while actually typing them. i guess i could just post up a little about how life is and thoughts-a-plenty on that.

well, first off, living in canada is actually going half-decently. it's not the best most exciting thing ever (which i thought is was going to be) but, it's definitely not disappointing. i think the few things that really just got to me about the whole move were:

1. missing my family and friends.
now, i didn't know how much that was going to be until i actually moved away. but, in retrospect, i should have taken some notes from when luke moved. i was a upset, not going to lie.

2. meeting new people.
this one here is a doozy. it's really not as easy to meet people as i expected. i'm not going to say i'm the most social person, nor would i say that i'm the least, but, it's just simply more difficult than anticipated. i guess i should have expected it a little bit, being in the suburbs of a big city. plus i'm working in a real job with family, so it's not like i have a totally new work environment with people i haven't met or much free time. my only real saviour out of this predicament is the fact that the pub i go to is actually pretty wicked. so, i began as "that guy" at the bar, and now i talk to people when i'm there. it's not like i'm hanging out with these people all the time, but at least i've got a few people to talk to a few hours out of the week.

3. winter driving.
not fun. not lying. i really like snow, when it's snowing, and snow related things in general. the flip side to that is, driving in it sucks horrendously. i thought i might have sort of a little insight on precipitous driving conditions having lived in florida. but, rain and partially frozen rain, totally different. sliding around in the snow on a sled, fun. sliding around in the snow with 3000+ pound objects sliding around you as well, horrifying. that's all there really is to that one. i don't wish that on anyone.

on a somewhat related note, i'm waiting on it to snow enough to make a sweet snowman or maybe a snow-wolfman. that might be really fun.

and i'm absolutely positive that there are more things that aren't that great about moving, but on the counterpoint, there are fantastic things about living here. maybe those and more coming up in the next entry, if i get around to it. but that's about it for this one... good update.


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-thank you for supporting me and my non-friend-having-on-livejournal self. -Thank you for writing an entry that is just normal talk... that doesn't require reading over 3 times.
-3. Winter driving- made me laugh.. really.
-snow angels and things of the nature, good idea babs. it's gonna be cold though. but i mean you people in Canada already live in igloos and whatnot right? i mean with the snow that falls 24/7.

well, you are welcome on all accounts... as for housing situation, i've been trying to manage the husky dogs so that i can go ice fishing outside of my igloo during the permanent winter.

if "yellow snow" jokes weren't so gay, i'd tell you not to eat the yellow snow since you have huskies. i'm so lame.

so, without actually saying a "yellow snow" joke, you said a "yellow snow" joke. nice.

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