.it's been so long that it seems like i've never danced with anyone.

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.oh, so inevitable.
as i sit here in the basement of my new residence, i listen to the familiar sounds of bands that have so graciously passed their ever loving sounds past my ears. these vibrations swim around and imprint their neural implications on my consciousness. it is a warm sort of feeling that is welcomed and cherished beyond that of many others. however, in its ever comforting grasp, i feel somewhat empty. its as though they were meant to be played, enjoyed, embraced in a life once lost. it seems like it may never be the same. and in that light, the signals which reach out fight a never ending battle to reclaim what was once rightfully theirs. little by little it becomes just a memory folded, wrapped, and tucked away. it just becomes that drug that we once used.

sticks and stones won't break my bones
it's the branches and the boulders that i shoulder.


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